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Your branding is your DNA.

It defines who you are, what you do, how you look and why people like you.

Ewa delivered beyond my expectations.

She was able to push me beyond my imagination and design a personal brand only my dreams would allow. I would recommend Ewa to anyone who appreciates a great creative. She took my feedback well and was able to go with my ups and downs during the process.

Cheyana | Laguna Beach | United States of America

Ewa is very professional,

has great creativity and superb listening skills to ones desires. I’ll be hiring again and again for more projects.

Maria | New York | United States of America

Working with Ewa is effortless!

She has the business savvy to quickly grasp concepts and turn out exceptional visuals with very little revision required – and all within the committed deadlines. I cannot say enough about the quality, the speed, the attention to detail and the effectiveness of her work!

Bilal | Jeddah | Saudi Arabia

I was looking for a graphic designer for several months,

but the few ones I got in touch with never seemed able to my taste. Finally, when I discovered Ewa through a Upwork, it appeared likely that such a passionate designer would be the partner. Excellent experience to work with her, Incredibly organized, easy to communicate with, responsive to next iterations, and beautiful work. After reviewing my requirements, Ewa sent me a few proposals and, taking great care, created numerous modifications. Most importantly, each amendment introduced that unique detail that makes all the difference. I am delighted with the results and highly recommended working with her. Thanks, Ewa.

 Bilal | Jeddah | Saudi Arabia

Ewa, performed exceptionally throughout the project.

She was energetic, creative, supportive, cheerful and always looking for ways to do more and do it better. If I ever had an suggestion of maybe wanting to change something she was on the spot taking care of it. In addition she helped with creative ideas and finding ways to make things more appealing and looking better. I give Ewa my highest recommendation. You will not regret hiring her.

Jerry | Oviedo | United States of America

Ewa was a pleasure to work with.

She was very committed to the project and went above and beyond to make sure I was pleased with the work. One of my concerns with using upwork was not being personal, however, with Ewa we spoke on video chat and that made it more personal. I am very pleased with the design and the designer. I will be using Ewa again.

Carlos | New York | United States of America

Ewa is an extremely talented designer.

She understood exactly what kind of brand I was looking. She has created a very sleek modern logo and brand identity for my new company with a fully comprehensive brand book that i can use for future projects. She created beautiful patterns and visuals for my brand I can’t thank her enough.

Aisha | Doha | Qatar

I was positively surprised by the quality of Ewa's work.

She is always very open, positive, curious and highly professional. I will definitely recommend Ewa to anyone looking for a great designer and a truly agreeable person to work with.

Irina | London | United Kingdom

Ewa was wonderful.

Not only was she creative and thoughtful in her work but she was always on time and always open to working to make the end result better. I plan on working with her again in the future on more projects.

Deb | New York | United States of America

Ewa is a talented and professional designer.

She is patient with her clients and works hard to get the job right at the highest expectations – no matter how long the process. She is consistent and while juggling multiple clients projects at once, she still manages to meet all deadlines. Ewa and I were at a 14-hour time zone difference, but her organizational and communication skills were immaculate. Even while I was busy with other aspects of the business, she was patient with me. Ewa was lovely to work with, definitely recommend her. Especially for newer & smaller businesses.

Manisha | Adelaide | Australia

Ewa is talented designer and the work experience with her is extremely good.

Also she is very patient, and communicate very well and easily. I definitely would like to work with her again and can’t wait to see her more excellent designs. Highly recommended and also I would like to say, Thank you Ewa for your work and also for your personality!

Lory | Shanghai | China

I am in love with Ewa's work and her unique designing process!

She went an extra mile creating the logo, branding, and website for me and the results are far beyond my expectations.

Josefina | London | United Kingdom

Working with Ewa again for my new project was one of the best choices i've ever made.

Ewa delivered an excellent work and I enjoyed working with her. Her communication was top-notch, she met all deadlines, and her skills and creativity are one of a kind. With Ewa i felt like we are a team. Her devotion, creativity and professionalism were the reasons for hiring her again.She was so good as the first time we worked together. Highly recommended designer!!

Popi | Athens | Greece

My logo is fantastic!

Ewa delivered a great work. I highly recommend Ewa, she is a strong communicator and an excellent designer. She understands what you want and very soon she creates it for you. Looking forward to our next projects!

Popi | Athens | Greece

Ewa is easily one of the best freelancers on this entire platform.

She is extremely professional and has all of the strengths that are essential in creating the best product. Our logo and hat design came out absolutely perfect and that is all thanks for Ewa’s skill as a designer as well as her very structured and thought out process. From the first discussion, she was genuinely interested in learning all about the company (why/how we started, what drives us, etc) and she used that to create multiple concepts which were then narrowed down and fine-tuned to what I’m very excited to use to brand our company. 10/10 on her entire process, her communication, her skill, and everything else that was involved in this project. Thank you so much, Ewa. It was truly a pleasure working with you and I can’t wait to do it again down the road!

Bobby | Evergreen Park | United States of America

Hi there,

I hope you are doing well! Finally, after a few years, I am working on my new personal brand and the platform where I will share with you my knowledge and experience about working online on Upwork with incredible people from all over the world. You will find there a lot of case studies and practical information about how to create a brand, define mission, vision and target group. Also, you will learn how to develop your own logo, branding, products, website, and store that will not only make a good impression but also build the trust and make your customer excited about your business. Exciting?

Let’s stay in touch,

and please do not hesitate to get in contact with me regarding logo, branding, and website projects, or simply leave your email, so I can inform you about the launch of the new brand, and also helpful articles, digital products and much more…

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